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Source: Mattel Hoverboard featured on the movie Back to the Future, 1985. 

Great Scott! The future has arrived!

The hottest holiday gift for 2015 has many names; the IO Hawk, Phunkee Duck, Mini Segway, Self Balancing 2-Wheel, Mono Rover, Smart Balance Hoverboard…no matter what you call it, BrandsWalk has it! 

The “hoverboard” craze is here! Everyone is trying to get their hands on it, test it, modify it, and incorporate it into their daily lives. Last week, I was running some late night errands at the local big box store, and what did I see? A grown man hovering in my aisle on a hoverboard! He was SHOPPING on a hoverboard, people! Is this the new wave of personal transportation devices? If it is, I want one!

Get your Smart Balance Hoverboard by stopping by BrandsWalk at The LAB or online at

And, check out these insane hoverboard tricks at the skatepark from our YouTube friend Tanner Fox. 

As with all mechanized sports equipment, such as the Smart Balance Hoverboard, please ride responsibly and wear protective gear to reduce injury and damage.

WARNING: Hoverboarding, or riding, on the 2-wheel self balancing scooter (Smart Balance Hoverboard), carries an inherent risk of injury and damage to property. Riders, or participants, should be at least 13 years old and always wear a helmet, elbow/knee pads, and any other protective equipment to limit his or her risk of injury. Riders under 13 years old should be accompanied by an adult. All riders should Hoverboard within their abilities, learn to stop, and do not go on or into dangerous locations that may increase their risk of injury. Always accelerate gradually and never lunge or tilt forward suddenly during operation. And, do not start on rocky, slippery, sandy, gravelly, or sloped surfaces. BrandsWalk is a reseller and not the manufacturer of the Smart Balance Hoverboard.

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