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The Future So Bright

The Future So Bright

So recently I have been blogging about things related to the future, the hoverboard and Star Wars. 

The “real” future is happening in tech and education and it is all due to the Maker Movement.

What is the Maker Movement and why should you care!?! 

The Maker Movement began with independent inventors, designers and tinkers that create and market products that are recreated out of raw, unused, or discarded materials. The “Maker” is a fusion of a tech hacker and artisan, a 21st century renaissance person that thrives in an open infrastructure of increasing knowledge due to the internet and decreasing costs of electronic materials. And voila! We have portable 3D printers and a generation of child coders.

Open Bionics Child Prosthetics

Image Source

I love what Open Bionics, from the UK is doing with 3D printing and affordable prosthetics. Imagine a child born with no arms or losing an arm and having it replaced with Iron Man’s hand, a Jedi lightsaber hand, or Queen Elsa’s snowflake hand. To see the joy and confidence in that child’s face is priceless. That is just what Open Bionics has done. They have created Disney-inspired bionic hands that are affordable for for amputee kids. Check out their story.

Open Bionics Star Wars Arm ProstheticsOpen Bionics has recently created a special 3D arm for the ‘Fashion Finds the Force fashion collection, which will be auctioned off for charity. There is a strong connection between robotic prosthetics and Luke Skywalker. In Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, just before Vader drops his famous lineage bombshell, he severs Luke’s lightsaber-wielding forearm and is later replaced with a bionic arm, which he is seen flexing in the final moments of the film. Definitely an awe inspiring moment, especially for amputee children.

Image Source 

Not only is the Maker Movement creating they are also teaching. In Hong Kong, Michelle Sun from First Code Academy is teaching children as young as kindergarten how to code. With all the technology available to children such as tablets and smartphones it only makes sense that coding be a fundamental part of primary school curriculum. Check out what our friends from Codecademy had to say about it.

Michelle Sun First Code Academy

Image Source

Just as English, Spanish and Mandarin are universal languages, coding is the future universal language. Coding will also prepare our children for a world dominated by robots and computers, oh my!  

 So why should we care about the Maker Movement? Because it inspires this generation and the next to build a brighter future for all.

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