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Christmas Came Early!

Christmas Came Early!

FitBit Charge HR

I got an early Christmas present from my parents this year since I will be out of town next week. They usually give me small gifts that you usually don’t buy for yourself, like socks or PJ’s. But this year I’ve been secretly sending out my wishful vibes to the universe for a fitness tracker. I must have been good this year, because my parents got me the FitBit Charge HR! I have been wearing it for almost a week now and it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s my quick take on the FitBit Charge HR.

Love: The design and interface are sleek and slim. I can see the time, step count, continuous heart rate, distance, calories burned, number of stair flights taken. It also automatically tracks my sleep and activity. I love the wireless syncing to my laptop and smartphone. And, it has a 5-day battery life…if you don’t constantly keep checking your tracker. Since it’s my first week, I got too excited and kept checking my tracker; it lasted up to the fourth day. But the charge time is quick, a 2-hour charge gives you about 5 days.

Hate: It’s not water proof, so I can’t swim or take a shower with it. The coaching and goal settings’ intuitiveness is weak. I like to go indoor rock climbing and do hot yoga as my weekly exercise, but I don’t think the FitBit Charge HR is sensitive enough to track that kind of activity accurately. However, I have taken my FitBit into my hot yoga classes that range from 98-102 degrees and it works fine. The fitbit app could be more user-friendly as well. Trying to log in exercise activities is clunky because it can track general activities such as running, walking, swimming, and biking but other activities you have to custom create manually. This adds an extra step but once you set it up you can reuse the activity.   

Like: Overall, it’s pretty cool to see your daily activities being tracked throughout your day. The FitBit Charge HR will gladly tell you how much walking you have done during the day, a plus for added motivation and self-consciousness. And, surprisingly cool, I can track myself when sleeping; I really like seeing my sleep activities. Besides seeing the number of hours you sleep, its really neat to see the number of restless minutes you have during sleep.

I totaled 28 minutes of restlessness for my first week. I’m curious to track my sleep activity the future weeks and months to come. They say a good night’s sleep helps you stay healthy and alert. I am very excited to work on my much needed sleep.

Here’s to my 2016 resolution: Be healthy and kind to my body…. or better yet, GET MORE SLEEP!

What do you guys think of the FitBit Charge HR? Are there other comparable fitness trackers that beat the FitBit Charge HR in features and price?     

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