Snow Peak Tobachi Lunchbox 3 in Gray

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  • Description

    The Tobachi 3 in Gray is an insulated system lunchbox that has multiple meal components. Use the Tobachi 3 in Gray as a lunchbox or use it at a picnic. It features a set of three Tobachi Medium in Gray and a case. Each case can fit up to six Tobachi Small and three Tobachi M. Pair the Tobachi 3 in Gray with the  Takubako in Gray  for transport and use as a table.

    • TW-271
    • 3.9 lbs (1.8 kg)
    • Tobachi Medium: D 3.9" H 3.3"
      Case: D 4.6" H 10.9"
    • 4 hours insulation time