BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure + The Crown - Galaxy S6

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    The Crown™ is a patent-pending BodyGuardz solution created to protect the curved edges of today’s hottest devices. The Crown is a custom-molded aluminum rim, designed to fit seamlessly around ScreenGuardz Pure and offer an elegant protective solution unlike anything seen before. United with the #1 selling tempered glass screen protector in the USA, ScreenGuardz Pure® + The Crown is the solution for edge-to-edge screen protection for rounded screen devices. WHY CHOOSE SCREENGUARDZ PURE + THE CROWN? On curved screen devices such as the iPhone 6, the rounded edges make it impossible for a tempered glass screen protector to provide edge-to-edge protection. The initial answers were to either decrease the coverage of the screen protector, leaving an unsightly gap and exposed, vulnerable edges. Or, to extend the screen protector over the curved portion of the glass causing a “halo,” that would collect dust and debris. ScreenGuardz Pure + The Crown provides premium tempered glass screen protection that covers the entire screen and all four corners of the device. It fits seamlessly with no gaps, no “halo”, and in no way does it compromise the feel, clarity or sensitivity of the devices natural screen. Available in White and Black, ScreenGuardz Pure + The Crown was designed for those demand premium protection without the unnecessary bulk.
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