Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech Shoe Cube

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  • Description

    Climb high, run fast and rest assured that the rest of your gear will stay clean throughout your trip! The newly redesigned water repellent Specter Tech™ Shoe Cube protects your travel pack from one wet, muddy pair of mid-cut hiking boots (up to men’s size 13 US/46 EU).  

    • Heavy load bearing and lightweight fabric will protect your luggage from dirty and wet shoes at nearly no additional weight
    • Fits one pair of mid-cut hiking boots, up to men’s size 13 (US) / 46 (EU), or a few smaller shoes or sandals  
    • Sealed interior is water repellent to lock in moisture & dirt while keeping your luggage fresh 

    • Two-way self-repairing zippers eliminate risk of a split zipper or allowing the dirt to escape 

    • Cube’s structured sides and shape allows you to easily pack and stand up your shoes inside, while the translucent fabric allows for  easy identification
    • Webbed carry handles make it easier to pack or carry your shoes (even with all the mud-weight added on your journey) 

    • Fabric is engineered to be water repellent and stain resistant 

    • PVC coatings are not used in the manufacturing of this product
    • Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty will outlive most every shoe this cube will ever hold 

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