G-Shock Limited Edition GA-2000E-4 with Extra Straps

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  • Description

    G-Shock GA-2000E-4 G-Carbon Limited Edition

    From G-SHOCK, the watch that is constantly testing new limits in timekeeping toughness, comes a new series with Carbon Core Guard structure, which takes toughness to a new level.
    The case is made of fine resin that incorporates carbon fiber for light weight along with rigidity that is superior to that of resin. This material protects the internal module from shock-induced damage and deformation. The dual back cover protects the back surface against impact.
    Button structure shock resistance has been improved, which eliminates the need for external button guards. In addition, making the case itself shock resistant eliminates the need to affix the band to the case, which previously played a role in achieving shock resistance. This is the first G-SHOCK model to employ a slide-lever type band for quick and simple band detachment and replacement.
    The face of the watch consists of a disk pointer and raised hour markers for a look of bold toughness.
    This new standard bearer of the G-SHOCK lineup combines a new shock resistant structure with urban outdoor styling that reflects its toughness.

    • Guard-less Button Structure
    • 200-meter water resistance
     Resin Band
    • Dual Back Cover
    • Shock Resistant
    • Carbon Core Guard
    • World Time
    • Japan Imported