Huma-i Portable Air Quality Detection Device (HI-150)

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  • Description

    Huma-i is a portable personal air quality detection device with the highest quality in-house designed sensor modules for high accuracy readings. It measures fine & ultrafine particulate matter in the air (PM10, PM2.5), CO2 levels, and other gasses and volatile organic compounds. Its user-friendly ICON MODE means the user doesn’t have to be familiar with fine dust levels, and its portability and design sensibility mean you can carry it with you anywhere for the peace of mind you deserve.
    Measures CO2 / VOC / Particle Matter (PM2.5 & PM10) / Temperature/Humidity
    • Its patented, state of the art air quality sensors are housed in a highly portable, well-finished device with a monitor so intuitive, any child can understand the readings. 
    • The status LED lets you know the status of CO2, VOC and fine dust/ultra-fine dust.
    • It is shown in a step-by-step graph so that air quality can be judged easier than difficult figures.
    • You can easily recognize the good and poor state of fine dust by 4 kinds of icons.
    • PM (Particulate Matter) display mode: Simultaneously displays PM2.5 and PM10 measurement values.
    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) display mode: VOC concentration is displayed together with the ppm unit figures.
    • CO2 display mode: CO2 concentration is displayed together with the ppm unit figures. (* In case of CO2 and VOC, the value is displayed after 15 ~ 60 seconds at power-on, after which the value is updated in every second)
    • Temperature/Humidity mode: It shows temperature and humidity in one screen.
    (* In case of temperature and humidity, the temperature/humidity sensor is inside of the product and may cause a deviation of 5 ~ 10%)

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