LaCie Portable SSD Hard Drive - 1TB

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  • Description

    The LaCie Portable SSD hard drive allows you to experience fast editing, backups, and transfers with full-throttle speeds of up to 540MB/s. Store high-res source files, images, and video. And enjoy universal compatibility across Mac®, Windows®, USB-C, and USB 3.0. LaCie Portable SSD is more than a compact external solid state drive. It’s reliable, forward momentum in every possible way. Travel confidently with an external solid state drive that helps move data from point A to point B as quickly, safely, and effortlessly as possible.

    • Edit straight from your external drive with speeds of up to 540MB/s1.
    • Transfer an hour of footage in less than a minute.
    • Edit multiple streams of 4K video.
    • Traverse multiple Adobe applications simultaneously.
    • Collaborate on the spot by moving files fast between your drive and multiple computers.

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