Marshall Stanmore II Voice With Amazon Alexa

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  • Description

    Stanmore II Voice is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall line-up and is perfect for any room, big or small. Built with advanced components, it produces clean and precise audio that can easily be controlled by your voice, even at the highest levels.
    • Play and control your music hands-free with Alexa. Use your voice to play music or listen to a podcast while you’re busy doing other things.
    • Access to all of the world’s music has never been easier, just ask Alexa to play music from the most popular streaming services and you’re ready to listen.
    • Wirelessly play different songs in each room or bring it all together and play the same song throughout the entire home.
    • Sing the lyrics and Alexa will find the music for you. Looking for information on when your favourite band goes on tour? Just ask.
    • Customize your sound

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