mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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  • Description

    The mophie Juice Pack battery case made for Samsung Galaxy S9 gives you extra battery power when you need it. And it's compatible with Qi wireless systems like those found in coffee houses, furniture, and many new cars.

    • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
    • Built-in 2,070mAh battery that can deliver enough power to extend the life of your phone up to a total of 32 hours*.
    • Compatible with the mophie charge stream pad+ and other Qi wireless systems.
    • Low-Profile Design.
    • provides additional protection for your phone with internal rubberized support pads.
    • Priority+ charging allows pass-through charge and sync while connected to a power source or computer.
    • LED Status Indicator button displays the battery levels or charge status.