Project Full Meditation Cushion Set

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  • Description

    This 100% organic meditation cushion set with support cushion and bottom floor cushion is the essential set up for meditation and a mindful life. Whether at home, the studio or on the go, you'll get the most out of your practice. Modern, organic and ergonomic, it provides a beautiful, supportive and comfortable place to meditate, sit or relax. When not in use, store it easily on any hooks on the wall. 

    • Designed and ethically made in California. 
    • Free shipping within the USA. 
    • Un-dyed, unbleached organic cotton canvas 
    • support cushion filled with 6.5lbs of buckwheat hulls 
    • floor cushion filled with 2lbs of organic cotton batting 
    • 6" handle / loop made from durable paper leather 
    • outer covers are removable and machine washable, tumble dry low
    • inner covers contain zipper to easily adjust hulls and add scent pack 
    • triangular top cushion 14"w x 14"L x 6" high 
    • triangular bottom cushion 30"w x 30"L x 2" high