Rain Design iLap - Macbook Pro 15

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    The award-winning, patented iLap is a versatile stand that lets you use a laptop comfortably on your lap or on a desk. As a lap stand, the iLap keeps you cool by shielding your body from the laptop's heat, and it does so comfortably with its two velvet cushions. The front cushion supports your wrist while you type and the back swivel base contours to your lap. The iLap's lightweight aluminum base acts as a heat sink to keep your laptop cool too, so it'll run more efficiently and last longer. As a desk stand, the iLap provides better ergonomics by raising the laptop screen higher to reduce neck and shoulder strains. It also tilts the keyboard so you can type with your wrist straight to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. An external keyboard is not required. The iLap 15-Inch W fits the Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch. The iLap comes in various other sizes to suit both Mac and PC notebooks. Awarded Laptop Magazine Editor's Choice for laptop stand.

    • Padded with cushions for extra comfort and keeps heat laptop off your lap
    • Raises your laptop screen higher by 2.5-inches to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders
    • Keeps your laptop cool by using lightweight aluminum as a heat sink
    • Great for use on the couch or in bed and converts to a desk stand when front cushion is removed
    • Ergonomically designed to suit both lap and desk works, so you stay cool even on prolonged use