Secrid Mini Wallet Rango Violet

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  • Description

    Secrid Mini Wallet is in our opinion the best choice. Still flat and enough space for 12 cards and some banknotes. It is made of beautiful vintage grey leather. Tough men in our store usually choose this version. Unlike the Slim Wallet, the Mini Wallet has a press stud allowing the card holder not to open if you have a lot of paper and some coins in it. The press stud does not damage the cards like a normal leather wallet does. 

    • Special design credit card holder made from aluminium and leather. 
    • With a click all cards slide out gradually. The cards will not fall out 
    • A perfect wallet. No problem to keep it in your back pocket. No breaking, No bending. 
    • Just 16mm flat. Can hold banknotes and 12 cards maximum