Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones (2020)

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  • Description

    Designed by Sennheiser, the world’s leader in audio innovation, the PXC 550 Wireless is the product of over 70 years of technological development. Discover uncompromising sound: deep, crisp, authentic, and powerful at any volume. With its exceptionally high-quality performance, the PXC 550 Wireless will make you rediscover your favorite album or movie, anywhere. With the PXC 550 Wireless you can just shut the door on it. Featuring Sennheiser’s NoiseGard™ Hybrid adaptive noise cancelling it creates your own aural space in even the most chaotic of environments: The louder the noise around you, the stronger it is cancelled, giving you the most comfortable listening experience. While the PXC 550 Wireless’s extraordinary battery life of up to 30 hours* of continuous use means you can span the globe on a single charge without leaving your private audio lounge.

    • 17 - 23,000 Hz
    • Bluetooth 4.2
    • NoiseGard™ Hybrid adaptive noise cancelling 
    • Battery life of up to 30 hours*
    • Near Field Communication (NFC) 
    • Unrivalled speech clarity for personal and business calls. Identifying and filtering out all ambient noise
    • Designed for the longest of listening sessions and packaged for ultra-portability
    • Touch-sensitive trackpad
    • Built-in limiter
    • Smart Control App Support

    • The PXC 550 comes with a cable with inline remote control, case, USB cable, IFE adapters, quick setup and safety guide