StudioDesk - Regular by Bluelounge

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    The StudioDesk is a traditional table with a modern twist: A desk specifically for laptop users. This quality built timeless design features solid mahogany legs, a white laminate desktop surface and storage spaces for durability. All peripherals and excess cables are hidden just under the faux leather mat sliding desktop surface. The storage compartment is therefore conveniently accessed from above. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop allows the necessary peripheral & power cables to enter/exit at any point, thereby keeping the desktop clear of clutter. Through it’s clean design, the StudioDesk is the ultimate organizational tool for a clutter free environment.

    “The StudioDesk brings harmony to one’s workspace. It is perfectly suited for the studio, home, office, conference & classroom environments, in fact wherever laptops are frequently used.”–Dominic Symons.

    StudioDesk’s ingenious sliding lid allows all ancillary equipment and excess cables to be safely stowed away under the desktop in the concealed, but easily accessed, storage compartment. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop lets the user easily inter-connect all the hidden power strips, AC adapters, hubs, external hard drives, routers etc, thereby keeping the desktop always completely clutter-free. An opening discretely located below the StudioDesk’s rear corners means that only a single cable is needed to connect everything to a power socket. So less floor level clutter too!

    The basic table is a timeless workspace. The StudioDesk is a traditional workspace with a modern twist. It brings simple harmony between the classic table and modern day user. Bluelounge, the groundbreaking design studio known for advanced cable management solutions, was committed to creating a new product that would bring cable management full circle.

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