STM Tracer Deluxe Stylus

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    Draw something! The tracer deluxe offers the touch and feel of a fine writing instrument in a capacitive touch screen stylus. Two-color pen, stylus, and more, the versatile STM Tracer Deluxe Stylus for your tablet adds a level of control that goes beyond just using your finger. Added accuracy while typing, drawing and writing makes for a precision tool that's as easy to hold as it is to use. Want to jot down a quick phone number or commit your notes to an actual piece of paper? Simply pop the cap of the deluxe stylus and you've got a real pen in what feels like no time at all.

    • Accurately draw and type with ease
    • Soft and durable rubber tip will not scratch your screen
    • Works on all capacitive touch screen devices
    • Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort
    • Detachable stylus tip reveals screwdriver tools and SIM card ejector pin
    • Two-colour pen for paper note-taking when required
    • Ink refill - universal mini-pen refill

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