Trakk Tech Bang Waterproof Speaker

Trakk Tech Bang Waterproof Speaker

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IPX6 4.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Waterproof Portable Stereo with Carabiner Clip & Call Control Button - Compatible With Android, Apple iPhone, Tablets, PC, Laptop & MAC - Black BANG by TRAKK SUPERB AUDIO QUALITY: TRAKK BANG bluetooth speaker features two powerful speakers that generate a total of 10w output...


  • SUPERB AUDIO QUALITY: TRAKK BANG bluetooth speaker features two powerful speakers that generate a total of 10w output power that produces loud, crisp and clear audio with strong and full base. It could easily fill a large room or space with beautiful and clear audio and also produces loud and audible music outdoors even if ambient noise is present. This makes TRAKK Bang suitable for indoor parties and gatherings as well as outdoor activities like picnics, camping, pool parties and many more.

  • TOUGH EXTREMELY DURABLE: Wireless speakers by TRAKK BANG is designed to withstand daily use and abuse, indoors or outdoors. It's built using high-quality material and is protected by an external armor that protects the speakers from the impact caused by accidental drops. It comes with a free carabiner clip that you can hook on to its super strong built-in carrying bracket and on to your backpack and other outdoor gear. TRAKK Bang will play your music on your every adventure wherever it may be.

  • IPX6 WATERPROOF: TRAKK BANG boasts an IPX6 Waterproof Rating which means it is protected water splashes, dust and even from powerful jets of water. This allows TRAKK BANG to be used under the rain and snow, by the pool, on the beach and in any wet and an extremely humid environment. Perfect for pool parties, camping, beach parties and other outdoor activities and gatherings.

  • PLAY MUSIC ON THE GO AND ANYWHERE: TRAKK BANG'S bluetooth waterproof speakers is extremely portable and comes with a powerful 2200mAH Li Battery that produces and impressive play time of 10 hours of non-stop music. Combined with its rugged, dust-proof & waterproof construction, it's perfect for playing music while on the go. It also features a built-in mic and calls control button that allows you to easily pick up call which get rid of the hassles of reaching for your phone when a call comes in.

  • ADVANCED BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: TRAKK Bang is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that provides the strong connection between Bluetooth playback devices and TRAKK BANG for up to 10 meters. It uses minimal power to connect which allows TRAKK BANG to play music longer. Bluetooth 4.0 also allows quick and easy pairing with PC, Mac, Androids, Apple iPhones, ipades and other Bluetooth devices. It also features a 3.5mm connection jack if you prefer a wired and physical connection via aux cable.