Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ 360 Screen Protector with Bumper for iPhone X/XS

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    InvisibleShield proprietary ion matrix technology strengthens at the molecular level for advanced impact and shatter protection of our screen protectors. A precision surface finishing process provides maximum scratch resistance. The premium composition of the smooth, tempered glass ensures that all of your images are sharp and vibrant. The remarkable touch sensitivity of glass+ Luxe 360 responds to every tap and swipe. Glass+ Luxe 360 provides edge-to-edge coverage with two pieces off glass+ for the front and back of your phone.

    • Front and back protection: two pieces of smooth, tempered glass provide edge-to-edge scratch and shatter protection.
    • Industry-leading protection: durable, tempered glass provides 3X the shatter protection vs. An unprotected screen.
    • Premium color, seamless style: beveled glass edges are color-matched to blend seamlessly with the front and back of your phone.
    • Reinforced edges: reinforced edges prevent chips and cracks from starting and spreading.
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