ZAGG Slim Book Tablet Keyboard for the Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro

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  • Description

    The stylish Slim Book includes a fabric weave exterior, black matte frame, and satin black keys. Not only does it look great in any environment, the stiff rubber overmold absorbs impact and can withstand drops up to one meter. And the spill-proof fabric exterior doesn’t show wear and tear, so you can look professional in the office, even if you’ve been working in the wild.

    • Keyboard: Type with the keyboard attached, or detach it and continue typing comfortably on another surface.
    • Case: Detach the keyboard and use the case to protect your iPad when you're reading, watching a video, or just carrying it with you.
    • Book: Store your keyboard safely inside the Slim Book when you want to relax and read the next chapter in your favorite book.
    • Video: Use the keyboard as a stand when watching videos by detaching the case and reattaching it facing away from the keyboard.
    • Weight: 1.43 lbs