Sennheiser AMBEO Subwoofer for TV and Music

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    Introducing the Sennheiser AMBEO Sub - when beautiful design meets incredible sound quality. This premium subwoofer offers both a breathtaking cinema experience and an outstanding bass for your favourite music - guaranteed goosebumps. The subwoofer is powered by AMBEO virtualisation technology, which was developed in collaboration with the German research organisation Fraunhofer IIS Institute. It's responsible for the 3D sound, giving you the most natural and realistic sound you've ever experienced. And thanks to the proprietary 8"" high-end woofer paired with a 350-watt Class D amplifier, you'll not only enjoy an immersive sound, but also a thunderous bass. 

    •  For a particularly natural and realistic sound experience, the subwoofer delivers extremely deep bass supported by AMBEO virtualisation technology
    • 3D surround sound with thunderous bass
    • Wireless connection
    • Automated self-calibration
    • Effortless control
    • Included components: AMBEO Sub, Power cord, Instruction manual, Quick guide, Safety guide and compliance sheet