Native Union Jump+ Wireless Power Bank

Native Union Jump+ Wireless Power Bank

The Native Union Jump+ Wireless Power Bank is an all-in-one solution for charging your smartphone, tablet, and other USB-C powered devices. 


In typical Native Union fashion, the build quality is premium with a satisfying weight and material finish. The body portion of the battery is a rubberized silicone texture with a stone-finish on the top portion of the battery pack. The downside of the design is the silicone finish; it's a dust magnet with particles easily getting stuck in the surface crevices which may be a slight inconvenience for some. When the recessed button is pressed on the side of the battery pack, an LED indicator shows the battery charge which I found to be a nice touch.


Overall, the design is modern, elegant, and durable for all use cases. It may sound funny i'm gushing over a battery pack, but really the ones i've tried so far have all felt plasticky and/or finished with cheap materials. 

The key feature of the Jump+ is its wireless charging capability for any Qi-enabled charging device. The wireless charging is rated at 5W, while the USB-A and USB-C port is rated at 18W of maximum output. This allows me to charge my iPhone 13 Pro, Airpods Pro, and iPad Pro all at the same time. 

The Native Union Jump+ Wireless Power Bank is a great addition to any travel and outdoor lover who needs a portable power solution with a premium edge. 

The Native Union Jump+ Wireless Power Bank is available now and can be purchased through the link below.


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