Pretti.Cool Wobble Incense Holder

Pretti.Cool Wobble Incense Holder

The Wobble Incense Holder by Texas-based homeware brand Pretti.Cool is a stylish accent piece to any home. It’s hand crafted of a composite of concrete and recycled glass and is designed to hold any standard size incense stick. 


The half-sphere design draws it apart from the usual stationary incense holder, giving it a playful and chic aura to any interior space. I currently have it placed on my coffee table and it’s always something pleasing to look at and use when I need to fill the room with a soothing incense scent. The only downside I have is not having an ash tray / container incorporated into the design. 

The Pretti.Cool Wobble Incense Holder is available now and can be purchased through the link below. 


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