bag-all Gift Bag - Medium

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    Bag-all's Reusable gift bag makes wrapping presents easy, sustainable and cheaper. Firstly, this gift bag in high quality cotton can be used over and over again making it a greener and cost-saving alternative to traditional wrapping. Secondly, they wrap your gifts in a matter of seconds and will make anyone look like a gift wrapping pro. Lastly, you'll save the planet a tremendous amount of garbage and trees. Together, we can make a difference, while still wrapping pretty gifts. The chic and stylish black and white striped design makes this the perfect gift for adults and children.

    Did you know that traditional wrapping paper is very toxic to produce, millions of trees needs to be harvested yearly, then it is transportation across the World, to finally become garbage in a matter of seconds. No, we think that reusable bags are the way to go! Don't you?

    Happy organizing!