HMM Ballpoint Pen

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  • Description

    HMM Ballpoint is made of aluminum alloy, and weighs only 22g for light and comfortable maneuver, suitable for writing over an extensive period. Heavy-duty spring is used for the click structure to give a sturdy and resolute hand feel.

    The RAW color exposes the material’s primitive beauty, where the body is aged through vibration polishing for better grip and subdued texture. Misty black, a mysterious mature color with a hint of calmness; combined with the dodecagonal barrel, the pen is slick and elegant, subtle yet free-spirited. The intriguing color is impossible to look away. 

    • Material Finely crafted milled aluminum
    • Dimension Ø11*136mm
    • Weight 22g
    • Refill SCHMIDT Refill P900M