Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2

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  • Description

    Fellow spent two years in development to bring you the next generation of our award-winning home brew grinder. From the finest pour-overs to the coarsest cold brews, your coffee will never be the same again. Designed by Nick Terzulli, Fellow’s VP of R&D and Certified Q Grader (the highest certification in sensory coffee assessment), Gen 2 Brew Burrs grind finer and with more precision. The broader grind range is exceptional for every brew method except espresso. With new anti-static technology for less grind mess, a redesigned load bin for smoother bean feeding, and an expanded 100 gram catch cup for batch brews, the next generation of grinding is here.

    Usage: Ode was designed for brewed coffee methods (AeroPress®, pour-over, electric coffee makers, French press, cold brew, and more) only. Ode does not grind for espresso.

    Dimensions: 239 mm x 105 mm x 248.3 mm

    Weight: 4.6 kg/10.14 lbs

    • New best-in-class Gen 2 Brew Burrs
    • New anti-static technology for less grind mess
    • New 100 gram capacity
    • New load bin design for smoother bean feeding
    • 31 grind settings and guide
    • Quiet grinding and automatic stop
    • Single dose loading for maximum freshness
    • Low grind retention
    • Magnetically aligned catch with easy pour fins
    • Grinds knocker
    • Compact footprint