GeoChangYugi Feather Guasha

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  • Description

    One side is flat while the other is concave, making it comfortable to grip and facilitating massage. Organic materials are beneficial to the body, making it safe for use on areas like the face and scalp. Applying oil to the contact surface and massaging can effectively relax muscles. With its high thermal conductivity and excellent insulation, placing it in the refrigerator before use can provide long-lasting cooling effects. Thinner and subtly heavier than jade, plastic, or ceramic, it allows for excellent massages with minimal effort.

    • Grip: Massage comfortably with the concave detail. This design is exclusively handmade, offering the best proportions and materials.
    • Superior craftsmanship and materials make it softer than machine-made organic materials, allowing any stains to be easily removed with gentle scrubbing.
    • Size: 40x85x3mm
    • Material: 78% copper, 22% tin
    • Avoid heating over a flame or using a dishwasher for cleaning to preserve its integrity.
    • This product is 100% handmade. Even with the same item, there may be slight variations in size, and natural bubbles may occur in the production process.
    • Products undergo inspection to ensure they are suitable for use before shipment