Just Mobile ZinCable

Just Mobile ZinCable


ZinCable™ connects exquisite design with unrivalled endurance, utilizing some of the world’s toughest materials to create a must-have cable for design-conscious iPhone and iPad users.

The elegant connectors are constructed from super-strong zinc alloy, with organic curves providing a delightfully tactile interplay of form and function.

ZinCable™ has its own exclusive cable tie, allowing you to neatly adjust the cable length keeping the connection protected when you're on the move.

• 5ft/1.5m  
• Transfers data 30% faster than standard cable 
• 10x more durable compared to standard cable 
• Zinc alloy sculpted connectors with thumb rest 
• Tough braided fiber exterior & Kevlar® fiber core 
• Fracture-resistant TPE jacket 
• Anti-mold, anti-stain, anti-bacterial braided material 
• Elongated fray-resistant strain relief joints 
• Convenient silicone cable strap 
• Apple MFi Certified