Native Union Belt Cable USB-C to USB-C (8ft)

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  • Description

    You’ve got the world’s most innovative tech but your cable is still stuck in the past. Not for long. We’ve made a USB-C to USB-C version of our signature BELT CABLE with an 8-foot charging range, so you can enjoy high speed charging in style that lasts.

    • Ultra-strong Reinforced Construction
    • CERTIFIED USB-C: We’ve invested in our BELT CABLE USB-C TO USB-C to ensure you can safely experience high-speed charging up to 3 Amps. Its connector is reversible, so you don’t need to worry which side is facing up when connecting to your device.
    • BELT CABLE’s genuine leather strap lets you take control of unruly cables. Slide it anywhere along your cable to wrap it up or keep things neat as you recharge.
    • Freedom to Charge and sync in comfort
    • Built to last