OCOMMO Mobile Auto Rise Desk with Keyboard Tray

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  • Description

    The perfect lectern workstation for small spaces, this compact 27.9"x18.3" adjustable desks for home office and workspaces functions great as a lectern, portable desks for small spaces, student desks, classroom desk and more. An integrated pneumatic spring lift allows for an easy height-adjustable function with a range of 30.3" to 47.2" and supports up to 17 LBS. 

    Roomy 31.5” x 15.7” workstation desk is great for home and office settings
    • Automatic control panel adjustment with height range of 28.3” to 48.0”
    Conveniently place your keyboard and mouse on the 31.2 Inch keyboard tray
    Easily move and lock this spacious workstation in any space
    Stand up desk promotes productivity, muscle tension relief, and stress reduction