Sennheiser HD 660S2 Headphone

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  • Description

    Ever felt goosebumps from sound so real, it was as if the source was in the room with you? The non-fatiguing HD 660S2 gives people who love music an intimate way to connect more deeply with their favorite songs and artists. Breathtaking resolution and precision take you closer than ever to instruments and vocalists. Yet the sound is natural and balanced, never harsh or brash.

    This warm, inviting signature combined with extended sub bass makes listening uniquely pleasant and rewarding. And with comfort this good, it practically begs you to keep going for endless sessions. That’s how HD 660S2 combines the best of many worlds to give you an intimate experience you won’t want to live without.
    • Extended sub bass
    • Natural, warm sound
    • Comfortable open-back design
    • Uniquely powerful vented magnet system for minimized distortion
    • Ultra-light aluminum voice coil with 300-ohm impedance for excellent impulse response
    • Intimate sound with great timbre and deep, accurate sub bass
    • Plush ear cushions and open design for maximum comfort
    • Outstanding quality designed in Germany, made in Ireland
    • 260g
    • 8 – 41,500 Hz
    • Wired headphone