Sennheiser Audiophile IE 900 (Refurbished)

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    High-fidelity recordings are pieces of art. Just as with a valuable painting, it would be a disgrace to allow damage during transport. The IE 900 reveals the true potential of any recording. If it’s a masterpiece, you’ll hear it. Brilliant, sparkling treble — with no trace of sibilance. Powerful lows without creating muddy mids. An uncanny ability to resolve fine detail — alongside warmth and comfort for extended sessions.
    All these qualities derive from inspired feats of engineering. Take Sennheiser’s trusted 7 mm transducer, for instance. We’ve made it just that much better for the IE 900. Or the all-new X3R triple-chamber absorber technology milled right into the solid aluminum core with its downstream acoustic vortex. Taken together, these innovations deliver a unique level of balance and transparency — so you never have to compromise again.

    Our German-engineered and manufactured TrueResponse driver ensures exceptionally natural reproduction. A large part of its very precise transient response comes from the unique combination of materials in the diaphragm together with its high inner dampening. So when the signal stops, the sound stops too. This is how the IE 900 can reveal details in tracks you thought you knew inside out.
    The tonality of each instrument becomes clearly audible
    • Designed a sophisticated system of three Helmholtz resonators — the X3R. It’s milled right into the solid aluminum housing of each earphone. These tiny channels eliminate resonance peaks which, in less advanced products, can color the sound signature and alter the feel of your music.
    • Complex structure in the nozzle of each earphone — the Vortex — swirls acoustic energy in these frequency bands to smooth out peaks.
    To ensure accuracy across this critical frequency band, we’ve employed what is known as an acoustic back volume. It’s a small chamber within a chamber we have tuned to manage the slope and amplitude of the base lift.
    A five-axis CNC machine precision cuts each housing individually from a single block of aluminum. The result is truly a work of art. 
    A precise fit for precise sound
    • IN THE BOX: IE 900 in-ear headphones, Balanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 2.5mm connector, Unbalanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 3.5mm connector, Balanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 4.4mm connector, 3 pairs of silicone ear adapters, 3 pairs of foam ear adapters, Premium carry case, Cable clip, Cleaning tool & Cleaning cloth, Customer certificate & User manuals