Sennheiser PRO EW-DP ME2 SET

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  • Description

    EW-DP delivers an industry leading audio workflow that only advanced digital technology and UHF transmission can offer. This fully digital UHF wireless microphone system features an all-new portable design and unmatched audio quality, purpose-built for filmmakers, content creators, and broadcasters.

    At the heart of EW-DP is a compact digital receiver that provides an intuitive user experience for all. Bluetooth synchronization and system control via our Smart Assist app help you save time and energy on set. A front facing OLED display allows for easy menu navigation and Smart Notifications help to troubleshoot your system when you encounter a challenge. Magnetic and stackable mounting configurations seamlessly integrate the receiver into your camera build while multiple powering options are ready to tackle long days on location.

    Choose between the ME 2 omnidirectional lavalier which delivers clear, intelligible dialog or the ME 4 cardioid lavalier which helps to isolate your speech in noisier environments.


    • Fully digital UHF wireless microphone system for video applications
    • Integrated Bluetooth for synchronization and control
    • Smart Notifications for troubleshooting and system guidance
    • Intelligent battery management provides operating time (hours:minutes)
    • Extended battery life: up to 12h on transmitter, 7h on receiver
    • Magnetically stackable components for versatile mounting
    • Industry leading 134 dB input dynamic range for distortion free transmission
    • Up to 56 MHz bandwidth for flexibility in any RF environment
    • Exceptionally low latency (1.9 ms)
    • External charging and powering via USB-C (receiver only)
    • Smart Assist app for monitor & control