Sennheiser TVCE1 Earbuds & TV Connector Set

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  • Description

    The TV Clear Set lets you enjoy television with crystal-clear dialogue and the comfort and inconspicuous style of lightweight True Wireless earbuds. Experience advanced clarity with 5 Speech Clarity levels to choose from to suit your listening needs. An ergonomic design provides a secure fit to block out noise for distraction-free TV, while the Ambient Awareness mode lets you hear your surroundings when you want. The included transmitter makes connecting to the TV a breeze, and integrated Bluetooth enables you to enjoy sound or make calls while on the go.

    • Adjust your surroundings according to your needs: The Ambient Awareness mode allows background noises to be heard - the Passive Noise Cancellation lets you suppress them if desired.
    • Highly comfortable and easy to use: Compact and lightweight design with a personalized fit, ideal for people with glasses - the volume can be conveniently adjusted on the earphones.
    • Easy wireless connection: The noise-cancelling headset can be connected to the TV via the TV Connector - to use your mobile phone or tablet hands-free, simply connect via Bluetooth.
    • Wireless earphones with up to 37 hours of playback time: Charge via their case or through the convenient induction charging function (Qi) which has an integrated “Find My Earbuds” search feature.
    • Included components: Pair of earbuds Ear adapter sets (size 1/2/3) Charging case & USB-C cable Transmitter “TV Connector” & micro-USB cable 3.5mm and optical audio cable Quick guide & safety guide