Snow Peak Folding Torch (Fuel Not Included)

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  • Description

    With its compact design and wooden handle, the GigaPower Folding Torch is an essential tool for starting a fire or igniting a charcoal barbeque. To use, unfold the torch, screw on a canister of iso-butane GigaPower fuel, turn the knob to release gas, and ignite. The torch has a powerful flame that will light even the dampest firewood. The GigaPower Folding Torch is the perfect companion for the Takibi Fire & Grill.

    Fuel sold separately at one of our retail locations or authorized dealers.

    • GT-120
    • 10.1 oz (287 g)
    • L 10.9" W 2.87" H 8.1"
    • Fuel Type: Iso-butane
    • Compact
    • Fire Starter
    • Torch, carrying case
    • Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Natural Wood, Nylon