Snow Peak Silicone Lid - 300ml

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  • Description

    Made entirely of durable silicone, the 300ml Double Mug Silicone Lid is a cover designed to transform the Ti-Double 300 Mug, Ti-Single 300 Cup, and the Stainless Steel Mug 300 into travel-safe beverage containers.  The snug fit secures easily onto the top of the mug with an open lip for drinking.  To clean, simply remove and wash with any dish detergent before air drying.

    • MGC-054
    • D 3.1" H 0.7"
    • Use with Stainless Vacuum-Insulated Mug in 300ml, Ti-Double 300 Mug, Ti-Single 300 Cup
    • Makes 300ml Mugs & Cups Portable
    • Reduces Spills
    • Controlled Flow of Liquid
    • Silicone Rubber