Treestar Rose Clay & Charcoal

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    The mild rose kaolin clay gently cleans and exfoliates top layer of skin while charcoal performs a deep cleanse. Together, they work to reduce oily skin, detoxify, soothe sensitive skin, and treat acne. Did we mention it smells like roses?

    Use: face & body
    Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil (brazil), water, sodium hydroxide*, fragrance, rose kaolin clay, activated charcoal.
    *none remains after saponifications
    All oils are organic and food-grade
    Approx. 5 oz.
    Handmade Rose soap. Body and facial soap
    Super-fatted 5-10%
    Labeled and packaged in reusable and biodegradeable cotton muslin bag (made in USA).